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Subsea Innovations Dynamic Bend Stiffener DBS is a retrofit assembly that is installed onto turbine cables of an offshore wind farmDynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) has manufactured two bespoke monitoring systems that have been installed by dive teams on subsea bend stiffeners at an offshore wind farm.
The bespoke products were delivered to Subsea Innovation which was challenged by the end user to provide a system to prevent array cables from breaking. Subsea Innovation’s Dynamic Bend Stiffener (DBS) is a retrofit assembly that is installed onto turbine cables of an offshore wind farm, which are subject to tidal loads that have been causing the power cables to prematurely fail or reduce in efficiency
The system comprises three dual axis shear pin load cells, two accelerometers, and a programmable logic controller (PLC). The shear pin load cells are dual axis shear pins that measure forces across two planes in the positive and negative directions. The working load limit (WLL) of each plane is 50kN, in both the positive and negative direction. The DBSs connect directly to the turbine bell mouth and encapsulate the cable at the J-Tube exit, and restrain the cable at the point of failure.
There are eight DL-3.0 data loggers per system (two for each load pin and two for the accelerometers). The logged data is collated and logged again as a package in a PLC enclosure mounted further up on the turbine platform. From this enclosure, there is an ethernet port on the side that enables a user to plug in a PC to download the data periodically when the platform is accessed. The equipment has been commissioned, with the first round of data due to be collected in March 2021.
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