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The Ceit technology centre, a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA) has tested a new wireless communication system for offshore wind platforms in Gran Canaria (Spain). This trial, directed by the centre, has been developed within the framework of the Watereye project, a European project that seeks to reduce operation and maintenance costs on offshore wind platforms.
In this study, different tests have been performed at Esteyco’s prototype tower, Elican, installed on the Plocan test bench - the Ocean Platform in the Canary Islands. The trials aimed to test the range and continuity of the messages of the wireless communication solution based on UWB (Ultra-Wideband) developed by CEIT
Different types of antennas were tested by pre-calibrating the system for each of them. In addition, two UWB channels were assessed: one was used for communications and the other to estimate the distance and hence constantly know the position of the mobile node (the drone) that was increasing its height.
On the other hand, three fixed nodes were located on the access platform: one for the estimation of distances, another for UWB communication that was also connected to a 3G module to send all the data to a server deployed by CEIT in real-time.
The third node was used to test in parallel another communications link as a redundant system based on subGHz technology that will serve to compare with the main communications link.