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Recent studies have valued the potential of space-borne sensors for offshore wind resource assessment but also for the investigation of the impact of offshore wind farms on atmospheric flow in coastal seas. However, synthetic aperture radar (SAR)-derived wind fields are surface wind fields and it is thus necessary to proceed to a vertical extrapolation within the marine atmospheric boundary layer. In the article on page 7, written by Mauricio Fragoso from CLS, you can read more about SARderived kilometric wind resource assessment.

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SAR-Derived Kilometric Wind Resource Assessment
By Mauricio Fragoso, Director, Energies and Infrastructure Monitoring, CLS, France
By Dhruv Suri, Davide Fioriti, Maximilian Parzen, Stuart Daniel James, Ekaterina Fedotova


By Dr Chris Ziesler, Roger Rodriguez, Taurin Spalding, Devin Saywers, Natural Power Consultants, USA

By Marouane Salhi, CEO, Qubit Engineering, USA


Windtech Future

Can Future Wind Turbine Blades Be Modular?

By Ahmad Hemami, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

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By Arne Petersen, Project Director of HUSUM WIND, Germany

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