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In order to be able to connect more powerful offshore wind farms, TenneT has pooled and further developed its experience from the German 900MW HVDC and Dutch 700MW AC grid connection systems. The result is a new approach of connecting future grid connections with a transmission capacity of 2GW by using 525 Kilovolt (kV) HVDC systems.
TenneT together with market parties has started developing a research and development (R&D) initiative for a 2GW, 525 kV HVDC grid connection system. With a design and layout study for the offshore platform a generic platform was designed, to enable interoperability of  the proprietary solutions offered by all HVDC suppliers participating in the R&D phase. The interaction between TenneT and the market parties involved has resulted in providing insights on the required functionality and performance of the HVDC system. Development and testing of the 525 kV DC subsea cable system will be carried on by multiple cable manufacturers. The certification is due to be received in the course of 2022.