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The US Department of Energy has announced the release of a report that outlines regional and national strategies to accelerate US offshore wind deployment and operation.
The report summarises the current status of offshore wind in the USA, describes challenges to accelerating its deployment, and identifies strategies to secure USA global leadership in the industry. Prepared by DOE’s Wind Energy Technologies Office, the report lays out strategies and actions needed to accelerate cost-effective, reliable U.S. offshore wind deployment and operation. The five strategic priorities areas are:
  • Increase demand for offshore wind energy and grow the domestic supply chain at lower cost by considering expansion of Federal incentives related to offshore wind energy.  
  • Continue and catalyse offshore wind energy cost reductions  through technology innovation and adaptations that enable industry growth and provide affordable electricity throughout the country. 
  • Improve siting and regulatory processes by increasing transparency and predictability, auctioning new lease areas, understanding development impacts, expanding stakeholder engagement, and facilitating ocean co-use. 
  • Invest in supply chain development, including customized offshore wind ports and vessels to establish a logistics network and attract further investment. 
  • Plan efficient and reliable transmission and grid integration to deliver offshore wind energy at scale.  
Each strategic priority area is supported by several focus areas and detailed initiatives. The report also includes initiatives specific to offshore wind in four U.S. coastal regions—Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Great Lakes.
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