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SIR Irish Celtic SeaGlobal Maritime’s Geosciences department, GM Geo, has launched a geological, geohazard and geotechnical desktop study covering the Irish Celtic Sea. The Seabed Intelligence Report (SIR) investigates seabed conditions across the area of search, identifying principal strata and the suitability/risk implications for the development of floating offshore wind farms whilst subdividing the area of search into provinces of similar geological and geotechnical conditions to be considered in the development and engineering process.
Qualitative assessments of risk for different subsea infrastructure are made, and outline risk mitigations provided. The study also considers the implications of existing marine traffic, seabed wrecks, infrastructure, environmental designations and other marine uses on the siting and development of offshore wind projects. Accompanying the detailed SIR are a series of maps and drawings presenting spatial information and interpretation of conditions across the continental shelf.
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