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MHI Vestas has launched a suite of smart tools to enhance design assessments, turbine monitoring, and real-time decision-making. The portfolio of four products aims to improve MHI Vestas customers’ business case not only in the design phase but also operations and maintenance.
Available to MHI Vestas customers immediately, the portfolio consists of:
  • Smart Foundation Loads; the software package will allow MHI Vestas customers to perform integrated load design simulations prior to undertaking detailed load assessments.
  • Smart Dampers; Active Smart Dampers reduce fatigue and design loads by reducing the side-to-side and fore-aft movements of the tower.
  • Smart Fast Data; Receiving data frequency 600 times faster than traditional SCADA methods, the tool unlocks hidden insights, enhances diagnostic capability and optimises scheduled service.
  • Smart Performance Monitor; feeds real-time information on turbine performance, site production, and operational metrics to any mobile device.
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