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SeaRoc has announced the delivery and deployment of a SeaZephIR product to Garden State Offshore Energy (GSOE), a US joint venture project between Deepwater Wind and PSE&G Renewable Generation. 

Garden State Offshore Energy is a planned utility scale project of approximately 1,000MW installed capacity, over 20 miles offshore due east of Avalon, NJ. SeaZephIR has been engineered and installed by SeaRoc to provide an autonomous, low-motion, tension leg platform with integrated wind lidar. In addition to the ZephIR 300 wind lidar the buoy measures motion, wave heights and is also equipped with a Class 1 cup anemometer and wind vane. The GSOE buoy has been named the New Jersey Offshore Research Device (NJORD). Following a period of some 8 weeks validation off Block Island, USA, the tension leg buoy has been relocated to the New Jersey site. The validation tests demonstrated a 99% correlation between the SeaZephIR results from the NJORD and the results from Deepwater Wind’s fixed met mast located less than a mile away on Block Island. On 12th November, the NJORD was successfully deployed 23 miles off the coast of Atlantic City in southern New Jersey where it is expected to remain for up to two years to support GSOE’s planned offshore wind farm.
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