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Forewind has announced the project boundaries of the first four offshore wind farm projects to be developed in the Round 3 Dogger Bank Zone, two that will connect into the national grid in Yorkshire and two into Teesside.

The 8660 km2 Dogger Bank Zone is too large to be developed at once so Forewind has adopted a phased approach. Forewind initially refined the zone into tranches, each large enough to house a number of wind farm projects. Tranche A and B were the first to be identified. With the use of modelling techniques, Forewind has now further subdivided the tranches into projects, with engineering and technical data used as the main considerations for this stage. Each of the four identified projects has a secured grid connection capacity of 1GW however to maximise their efficiency, Forewind has allowed for the capacity of eachproject to be up to 1.2GW. Thefour projects are Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A, Dogger Bank Creyke Beck B, Dogger Bank Teesside A and Dogger Bank Teesside B. Furthersurveys and modelling will continue to identify the boundaries for the additional two offshore wind farm projects with agreed grid connections in Teesside (Teesside C and D), while Forewind is also working closely with the National Grid to identify suitable grid connections for the remaining projects.
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