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Nordex has received an order for the delivery of 3MW and 4MW turbines in the Netherlands comprising 35MW. Windpark Greenport Venlo has ordered five N133/4.8 turbines of the Delta4000 series with tower hub heights of 135 metres and three N117/3675 turbines with tower hub heights of 134 metres for the Greenport Venlo wind farm.
The contract also includes a service contract for 25 years. At the beginning of 2022 Nordex will supply the eight turbines. Greenport Venlo wind farm is a company of the Dutch sustainable utility Greenchoice, the cooperative project developer Windunie and the ABN Amro Energy Transition Fund. Together with local energy cooperative Samenstroom, they are working on the participation of the local residents in the proceeds of the wind farm. A fund will also be made available for local initiatives in the neighbourhood.
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