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Huisman has been contracted by CSBC Corporation for the delivery of a 4,000mt Offshore Mast Crane (OMC) to be installed on heavy lift vessel Green Jade. The crane will be built at the production facility of Huisman in China and is scheduled for delivery in 2022 for deployment by joint venture CSBC-DEME Wind Energy (CDWE) in the Taiwanese offshore wind market.
The crane will have a lifting capacity of 4,000mt at 125m above deck and will be outfitted with specific auxiliary systems for handling tall structures.  The crane is prepared for a super fly jib with significant lifting capacity and a whiphoist which allows lifting of smaller components up to a height of 185m above deck. In addition to the main crane, Huisman will deliver a 65mt Knuckleboom Crane for general lifting purposes. Both cranes will be installed and commissioned at the CSBC shipyard.
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