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Tennet IslandTenneT TSO B.V. (Netherlands), (Denmark) and TenneT TSO GmbH (Germany) will sign an trilateral agreement that will press ahead on developing a large renewable European electricity system in the North Sea. TenneT unveiled its vision of the North Sea Wind Power Hub in June 2016.

Central to the plan is the construction of one or more islands, so called Power Link Islands with interconnections to surrounding countries, in the middle of the North Sea (Dogger Bank):

  • to which many wind farms can be connected (possibly 70,000 MW to 100,000 MW);
  • from where the generated wind energy can be distributed and transmitted over direct current lines to the North Sea countries of the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Belgium;
  • where transmission cables will simultaneously function as interconnectors between the energy markets of the aforementioned countries. Besides transmitting
  • wind electricity to the connected countries, these 'wind connectors' will enable the countries to trade electricity;
  • where wind conditions are optimal.

Discussions with other potential partners are ongoing, which not only include other North Sea transmission system operators (TSOs), but also other (infrastructure) companies. The goal is to achieve a multi-party consortium which will realise the North Sea Wind Power Hub project.

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