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ZephIR Lidar has released remote sensing test results against an IEC compliant met mast spanning almost 80 trials over a two year period. All ZephIR 300’s were validated against an IEC compliant 91m met mast, at the UK’s Lidar & Sodar Test Site (UK-LSTS).

The 79 ZephIR 300’s all successfully passed the set of performance verification criteria devised in collaboration with GL Garrad Hassan requiring the gradient of the regression line forced through the origin of the 10-min averaged horizontal wind speeds to be within ±2% of the ideal value of unity. In addition, the coefficient of determination, R2, a measure of the ‘scatter’ of the data for which the value 1.00 indicates perfect correlation, is required to be greater than 0.97, at all four matching measurement heights (91m, 70m, 45m and 20m). Further a statistical analysis of the combined results showed the forced-fit gradients across all 79 trials had a standard deviation of less than 1%. In more than 64% of the ZephIR 300 trials, the gradient was actually within ±0.5% from the mast results.

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