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Boulder Wind Power (BWP) has announced an expansion of its product portfolio for onshore and offshore applications. Originally focused on developing and testing the core technology in direct drive applications, BWP now offers solutions for geared turbines while expanding its offering for direct drive wind turbines.
Among the new offerings, and a first for the wind industry, is the "Ultra Low Speed" generator category designed for onshore, low-wind speed sites where noise constraints limit aerodynamic rotor tip speed and, ultimately, the aerodynamic rotor diameter. This new category applies the benefits of BWP's Low Speed generator, but with the industry's lowest speed ratings and cost-effective higher torque. BWP's Ultra Low Speed generators and their reduced RPM can help wind turbine manufacturers expand the swept area at these sites, and increase energy production by 5-15 per cent – all while staying within noise constraints. The expanded portfolio details the product variants within each generator line for Medium Speed (1.6MW – 7.7MW), Low Speed (1.0MW – 7.5MW) and Ultra Low Speed (1.0MW – 5.3MW). The product portfolio also features BWP's power conversion systems that deliver efficient power conversion at low system cost. The 500kW modular back-to-back power converter was developed with grid compliance and high efficiency in mind. Further optimisation can take place by integrating the converter and generator, something unique to BWP's use of a printed circuit board stator. Recognising the need for increased turbine ratings for offshore markets, BWP is also developing geared and direct-drive generators for 12MW turbines, which will be released later in 2014.
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