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ABB has introduced the ACS880, its newest wind turbine converter. The converter is based on ABB’s variable-speed drive. The ACS880 is rated from 0.8 to 8.0MW, with the highest powers being assembled using parallel-connected sub-converters.
The liquid-cooled full power converter is available in in-line and back-to-back configurations and for operation with induction and permanent magnet generators. The converter is suited for both nacelle and tower installations. ABB’s direct torque control (DTC) monitors generator torque up to 80,000 times per second, ensuring immediate reaction and control of the generator side and grid side converters. This precise and fast control dampens drivetrain oscillations, thereby extending the mechanical drivetrain’s life expectancy. DTC also provides the foundation for grid code and fault ride through compliance. Parallel-connected sub-converters are available as an option. Depending on the wind conditions, the sub-converters are activated or deactivated so as to increase the converter’s overall efficiency, especially at partial load. Furthermore, if one of the sub-converters or power modules fails, the faulty unit is disconnected and the converter continues operating at partial load. A diagnostics system enables long-term planning of service and maintenance work. Depending on the converter’s loading, a component lifetime calculator works out the wear and tear of each device and notifies any service needs.
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