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Architecture firm Mecanoo, in collaboration with researchers from Delft Technical University in the Netherlands, has developed prototypes of a wind-harvesting system that has no mechanical parts called the EWICON (Electrostatic WIndenergy CONvertor).

EWICON The turbine uses positively charged water particles to create an electric field. The lack of moving parts means it would be virtually silent and cast no flickering shadows, while requiring little maintenance, the company said. The EWICON can be installed on land or sea, and can also be integrated on to the roof of a tall building. The EWICON has an abstract appearance with a flowing steel frame in the shape of a squared -0- supporting a framework of horizontal steel tubes. Within this framework, electrically charged droplets are created and blown away by the wind. The movement of the droplets creates an electric current, which can be passed on to the grid. In 2009, Mecanoo applied the EWICON into the design of the Stadstimmerhuis 010 in Rotterdam, where the 010-sign on the roof would make use of two EWICONS. Continued development will be carried out once funding has been secured for further scientific research.

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