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Vestas has introduced the V172-7.2 MW, expanding the EnVentus platform and offering enhanced performance in low to medium wind conditions. In alignment, the company is changing the existing medium-to-high wind EnVentus variant V162-6.8 MW to a 7.2 MW name plate.
The V172-7.2 MW delivers a 12 percent increase in annual energy production (AEP) compared to the V162-6.2 MW variant in low wind conditions. The new variant delivers flexible power ratings of 7.2 MW, 6.8 MW and 6.5 MW and offers expanded site applicability for all conditions, with solutions for cold climate and an optional larger CoolerTop for hot climates. The V172-7.2 MW will be based on Vestas’ new modularised nacelle architecture, where the nacelle structure is divided into compartments that are dimensionally designed to correspond to general industry standards for road, rail and ocean transport. The variant will also build closer alignment between Vestas’ onshore and offshore platforms, as both the V172-7.2 MW and the V162-7.2 MW share the modularised nacelle architecture with the Vestas offshore V236-15.0 MW.
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