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Enercon 3MW platformEnercon has commissioned TÜV NORD with the task of type certification for the wind turbines: E-126 EP3 for wind class IIA and E-138 EP3 for wind class IIIA. TÜV NORD is to verify the key properties of the new type of converter.

These include in the first instance the design assessment, which is used to confirm the conformity of the theoretical designs presented by Enercon with the requirements of the standards. The next stage is to compare the loads to which the prototype devices are subjected in real life with those on which the design assessment is based. Another element of type testing is the assessment of manufacturing and production processes with world-wide inspections of the premises of component manufacturers and suppliers. The new turbine types are supposed to be going into series production by the end of 2018 or 2019. For international markets the turbines need approval in accordance with the IEC guidelines and for the German market the wind turbines are also to be certified in accordance with the DIBt directive.

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