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E 141 EP4Enercon has commissioned its first E-141 EP4. The prototype of the new low wind speed WEC (wind class III) was installed according to plan on a hybrid tower with a hub height of 129 metres in Coppanz, Thuringia, Germany. The E-141 EP4 is based on Enercon’s new 4MW platform that also forms the basis of the new E-126 EP4 for medium wind speed sites (wind class IIa).

Both EP4 types have a nominal power output of 4.2MW. Presently, other E-141 EP4 prototypes are being installed in Lower Saxony for the certification measurement campaign. Series production of both the E-126 EP4 and the E-141 EP4 is going to start as early as the beginning of 2017.Enercon is planning to install about 150 serially produced EP4 WECs in 2017; about 80 of these will be E-141 EP4.

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