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The Nordex Group has obtained the accreditation in Brazil for the N163/5.X wind turbine model from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).
As a result, Nordex Group customers in Brazil will be able to purchase N163/5.X wind turbines using the credit line known as FINAME, as well as other similar financing lines that use the BNDES accreditation system as parameter for defining local content. To obtain the accreditation of the N163/5.X turbine model with BNDES, the Nordex Group developed, in partnership with its local suppliers, dozens of components that will be manufactured with certain levels of national material and Brazilian labour, which also are already accredited by BNDES. Nordex will produce the N163/5.X nacelles and hubs at its factory in the State of Bahia (Brazil). The blades will be manufactured by a Brazilian supplier and the concrete towers will be produced by Nordex in facilities positioned close to the wind farms.