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The Nordex Group is adding the N163/6.X turbine to its product portfolio. Compared to its sister model in the 5 MW class – the N163/5.X – the N163/6.X is able to produce an up to 7 percent higher annual energy yield. The N163/6.X has a design lifetime of 25 years, but also comes with an extended lifetime for specific sites for up to 35 years.
A more efficient gearbox is used to achieve the higher rated output in the 6 MW range and the electrical system of the Delta4000 product series has been adapted by raising the nominal voltage and using an improved cooling system. The exterior dimensions of the nacelle have not been changed.
A stronger version of the approximately 80 metre rotor blade from the N163/5.X, based on the GRP/carbon differential design, is employed. The lower rotation speed means that the noise emission levels of the N163/6.X stand at max. 106.4 dB(A). The N163/6.X is designed for moderate and light-wind regions, but focuses on selected core markets in Europe. Different tower variants depending on the market, with a height of up to 164 metres, a cold climate version and the Advanced Anti-Icing System for rotor blades are also planned as options for the N163/6.X. The start of series production of the N163/6.X is scheduled for the beginning of 2023.
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