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With Nordex OSTM SCADA Edge the Nordex Group now offers the next generation of their operations control system on the basis of a virtual, hardware-independent automatic solution. Nordex OSTM SCADA Edge is based on an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform jointly developed with Software AG and its Cumulocity IoT solution.
The new SCADA system offers the possibility of accessing and displaying more data than the current Nordex Control 2 SCADA system as well as including other components of the wind farm - such as the substation or battery storage.
Optional multiply redundant systems ensure that the Nordex Group has an availability of 99.9% for the Nordex OS SCADA Edge. The system stores data for up to five years. Parallel servers ensure interruption-free operation without data loss in the event of the outage of a complete server unit.
The Nordex Group offers the system for its turbines of the Delta and Delta4000 series and it can also be used for older turbine generations. The Nordex Group will equip the first wind farms with Nordex OSTM SCADA Edge in 2020.
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