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The Nordex Group is further extending its product portfolio in the market segment of turbines with a nominal capacity of more than 5 MW with the introduction of the N163/5.X turbine. The nacelle, gearbox and all system components of the N163/5.X have been taken over from the N149/5.X.
A new element is the single-piece rotor blade, with a length of nearly 80 metres, based on the glass fibre/carbon fibre differential construction concept of the N149. The rotor diameter has been increased by 14 metres to a total of 163 metres compared to that of the N149/5.X. The N163/5.X can be operated in different modes in the 5 MW range depending on site requirements and customer needs. The turbine will initially be offered with hub heights of between 118 and 164 metres. The turbine options also include a cold climate version for operation in temperatures as low as -30°C. The start of the series production of the N163/5.X is scheduled for 2021.
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