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Sabic has introduced LNP Colorcomp WQ117945 compound, a material based on nanotechnology that facilitates production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) foams for core materials in sandwich structures.
This new compound improves control over nucleation and cell growth, resulting in decreased cell size and uniform, narrower cell size distribution. These attributes can reduce the foam’s weight by minimising resin uptake in sandwich structures. It can also potentially improve shear strength/strain properties for better fatigue performance. Sabic’s LNP Colorcomp WQ117945 compound may help to expand adoption of PET foam materials in the core of wind turbine blades. For example, lighter foam core materials can allow designers to create longer wind blades. Lighter materials also reduce environmental impacts from shipping. The adoption of PET foams in the core of wind turbine blades also offers the industry a recyclable option over incumbent materials, such as balsa wood and PVC foam.
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