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fullscale test with combined loading blaest 2017.jpegAs part of the EUDP RATZ project, Bladena did a full-scale test with combined loading at BLAEST on a 34 metre blade. Also, the structural impact of Bladena’s D-Stiffener was tested.

A full-scale test with combined static loads was performed at the certified blade test center BLAEST as part of the EUDP project called RATZ. Measurements in the trailing edge of a 34 metre blade were taken to capture bending/buckling of the trailing edge panels. The load applied was a combination of flap and edgewise loading, which is known to be a more critical load than the traditional pure flap and edge. The implementation of the tests was proven to not be very demanding making it possible to implement in a short period of time. Strain measurements showed a clear effect of the D-Stiffeners. Based on these measurements it was concluded that the actual blade, which showed buckling at a load level at 48%, had no buckling with the D-Stiffeners installed when the test was stopped at approximate 60% loading.

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