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SKF WindCon 2.0 is an expanded version of the company’s wind turbine monitoring system. The new system features WebCon, SKF developed software enabling internet access with the following benefits:
·        access to the monitored data via Internet Explorer
·        no special software needed to analyse turbine machinery
·        no need for a user developed and maintained database (the database is managed and maintained by the SKF system)
·        machine trends can be checked daily by many field personnel, instead of a single machine park supervisor
·        the system offers Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) data and trend analysis that can be acted upon by field personnel.
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SKF WindCon 2.0 can monitor an unlimited number of turbines and turbine data points. The system can monitor any of the following:
·        unbalanced condition of the propeller blades
·        misalignment
·        shaft deflections
·        mechanical looseness
·        bearing condition
·        gear damage
·        generator rotor/stator problems
·        resonance problems
·        poor lubrication conditions.
SKF WindCon 2.0 is certified by Germanischer Lloyd and approved by Allianz.