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Klüber Lubrication introduced three new products that deliver the latest technology in specialty lubricants for the wind energy industry. Klübersynth BEL 34-52, Klüberplex AG 11-462 and Klüberplex BEM 41-141 meet the extreme demands placed on wind turbines and their components.

Klübersynth BEL 34-52 is a specialty grease that offers high mechanical shear stability, long service intervals and low relubrication quantities. This grease is especially suitable for use in bearings subject to vibration while performing oscillating or slow rotation motions, including the rotor blade pitch bearings of wind power plants. Klübersynth BEL 34-52 helps prevent false brinelling in bearings that are subject to micro-oscillation. The grease exhibits good low-temperature characteristics and offers excellent corrosion protection, even in humid and saline atmospheres.

Klüberplex AG 11-462 also offers effective corrosion and wear protection.  Because of its adhesive properties, this product stays where it is applied.  This is especially important when lubricating the exposed teeth on yaw and pitch gears; less product is lost to displacement, resulting in lower lubricant consumption.  Klüberplex AG 11-462 also provides high load-carrying capacity.

Klüberplex BEM 41-141 is a high-performance grease designed for use in bearings subject to high loads and temperatures. The lubricant reduces frictional resistance, resulting in lower operating temperatures and reduced lubricant consumption. Klüberplex BEM 41-141 offers good wear protection for longer component service life and is suitable for a variety of applications, including the lubrication of generator bearings in wind power stations.

Gear oils from Klüber
Klüber Lubrication delivers also gear oils to the wind power industry with the introduction of the Klübersynth GEM 4 – N, Klübersynth GH 6- and Klübersynth GEM 2 series of oils. Each of these products offer a wide service temperature range and high scuffing load capacity to help ensure long component life in wind power plants.

The fully synthetic, high-performance Klübersynth GEM 4 – N oils were designed for extremely low and high temperatures and high loads.  Longer oil life and higher efficiency help to optimize power yields.  These oils also offer high micro-pitting resistance and good wear protection, which results in longer component life.

Extremely long relubrication intervals set the Klübersynth GH 6 oils apart from conventional gear oils. The special polyglycol base oils reduce the friction coefficient, and optimum additives minimize wear.  With a service temperature range of -30º C to 160º C, Klübersynth GH 6-oils demonstrate good viscosity-temperature properties and excellent high-temperature behavior. The oils offer many of the same properties of Klübersynth GEM 4 – N oils, including high scuffing load capacity, good protection against wear and resistance to ageing and oxidation.

Klübersynth GEM 2-oils are a line of rapidly biodegradable, high-performance gear oils.  These products are particularly suitable for use at ecologically sensitive sites.  The Klübersynth GEM 2 oils were designed for normal and high loads at normal to high temperatures.
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