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The Siemens SWT-3.6-130 onshore wind turbine has been type certified by DNV GL. This certification confirms that the new turbine complies with all the requirements of the international wind turbine standard IEC 61400-22 for conformity testing and certification.

The SWT-3.6-130 is the second generation wind turbine from the onshore direct drive platform. It features larger blades than previous generation of wind turbines, giving a rotor diameter of 130 meters. The SWT-3.6-130 will according to Siemens deliver 18-19% higher annual energy production across wind speeds than the previous model SWT-3.2-113 of the first generation of direct drive wind turbines. Siemens Wind Power offers the turbine with various hub heights. The certification process for the SWT-3.6-130 began with the certification of the prototype installed at Høvsøre, Denmark. The type certification included evaluation of the design supported by tests and measurements as well as inspections.

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