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skyspecs siemensSiemens is collaborating with SkySpecs to deploy automated drone technology for onshore and offshore wind turbine inspections. The goal of the collaboration is to develop a push-button inspection system that is faster, repeatable and more efficient than existing methods. SkySpecs combines expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence and machine-based analytics to advance industrial drone inspections.

The company's goal is to provide an end-to-end solution that includes data collection, damage identification, classification and recommendations. Siemens is collaborating with SkySpecs to refine its technology for utility-scale wind turbine inspections and prepare it for commercial readiness. The joint effort will enable Siemens to incorporate more advanced preventive maintenance techniques using SkySpecs' technology. It will also provide significant data that can be used to inform customers about the lifespan of their asset(s) or to gain insights into contributing causes of eventual failures. Automated inspections will lower operating costs substantially and potentially increase the efficiency and lifespan of wind turbines

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