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Siemens SWT 3.15 142Siemens' new direct-drive low wind turbine has reached the prototype testing stage. The onshore model SWT-3.15-142, with a rotor diameter of 142 meters has passed prototype approval and has now been erected at the Drantum wind test site in Jutland, Denmark.

The IEC Class IIIA wind turbine is the first Siemens model to be equipped with rotor blades based on hybrid-carbon technology. The SWT-3.15-142 will be available with tower configurations of up to 165 meters and 69 meter rotor blades. The turbine uses the same nacelle as other direct drive models like the SWT-3.6-130 including major components like the hub, generator, cooling- and electrical systems. Commissioning work will be finished with the turbine being fully operational by the end of March. The focus of the testing program of the prototype is on blade and performance evaluation.

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