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Second Wind Inc has announced the availability of a Modbus port for its Nomad 2 data logger. Nomad 2 now easily connects to SCADA systems, wireless networks and PC-based weather station/web servers. Modbus is a widely supported industrial serial communications protocol, used by programmable controllers, measurement equipment and data concentrators. Implementing Modbus on Nomad 2 provides a rugged stand-alone data logger that can monitor up to 12 anemometers and 8 other devices, record the data on a compact flash card, transmit e-mail via cellular modem, and respond to data queries from a SCADA or network master. Nomad 2 incorporates the Modbus protocol with no hardware modifications. The device port, a standard feature on the Nomad 2, transmits Modbus when the Nomad has version 3.14 of firmware or higher and is appropriately configured. Any Nomad 2 can be customer-upgraded in the field or even remotely to take advantage of this new capability.
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