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Beacon Power Corporation, a company that designs and develops products and services to support more stable and reliable electricity grid operation, announced that it has successfully completed the pre-shipment acceptance testing for a scale-power Smart Energy Matrix demonstration unit.

The unit is being built under contract to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the US Department of Energy. The acceptance tests were conducted at Beacon Power’s facility in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The system was expected to be installed and connected to the grid at the demonstration host site in Amsterdam, New York, during March 2006. During the acceptance testing, the ability of Beacon’s Smart Energy Matrix to follow signals required for frequency regulation and to provide volt-amperes reactive power (VAR) support was confirmed. Testing for these functionalities involved verification of key performance parameters including system communications; compliance with a range of application-specific charging and discharging profiles; and demonstration of normal system operation and shutdown modes.
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