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Campbell Scientific has introduced its CR3000 Micrologger, which is designed to provide editing capabilities with an internal CPU that is accessible via the on-board keyboard and custom LCD display.

Most commercial sensors can be measured with the versatile assortment of channels consisting of 28 single-ended or 14 differential analogue inputs (individually configured), four 24-bit pulse counters, eight control/digital ports for serial sensor input, four switched voltage, two continuous voltage and three switched current outputs for excitation. Two switched 12V terminals are program controlled. An RS-232 port and CS I/O port facilitate multiple telemetry options for the data logger via radio, satellite, phone (land line and cellular), Ethernet and more. The design allows flexibility in long-term, unattended monitoring at single sites or within network applications. It uses minimal power, typically supplied by rechargeable batteries and a solar panel. The ruggedness of the data logger has an operating range of -25 º to +50 ºC; an extended range of -40 º to +85ºC is available.
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