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RWE has decided on an innovative repowering project for a wind turbine in Emsland, Germany. The 1.8MW turbine, which has been in operation at the Lengerich wind farm since 2003, is being replaced by a 5.7MW turbine.
For the first time, RWE will use a prefabricated foundation for the construction of the new turbine. The foundation developed by Anker Foundations consists of 100 percent precast elements produced in the concrete plant. Only a third of the amount of steel and concrete normally used for poured standard foundations is used. The construction time is reduced, as construction can take place in almost any weather. The parts are delivered by around 30 lorry trips and then bolted together on site. They can be easily dismantled again in case of later deconstruction.
The certification process for the foundation is currently underway. This will be used to apply for a modification permit for the wind turbine that has already been approved. The dismantling of the old wind turbine is planned for spring of next year. The construction of the new turbine, which is scheduled to start operation in the fourth quarter of 2023, will also begin then. The hub height is 118 metres and the foundation will weigh around 800 tonnes. 
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