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R&D introduces bolt tension solution using ultrasonic sensorsR&D has developed the Bolt-Check solution which measures bolt tension using ultrasonic sensors and software analysis. The Bolt-Check system measures the length of the bolt as it lengthens in response to the application of load - torque or tension.
These values are converted into the actual clamping force. During the bolt tensioning process at the assembly level, the operator observes the data live on the screen, and stops applying load once the desired tension has been achieved. Once in service, measurement of the bolt tension is possible without the need to loosen the bolts. This is because the system uses ultrasonic and mechanical length measurements as well as information about the material properties of the bolt batch.  Combining these three values, makes it possible to measure and calculate the actual clamping force. The Bolt-Check system can be used when installing new bolts and when evaluating existing bolts. As part of the full Bolt-Check system, a traceability-tag is added to each bolt, supporting pre-failure diagnosis and traceability, including the location of each bolt as well as its schedule of service and maintenance. A patent and DNV certification was granted in 2020.
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