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ImageThe new Bio-SLIM design is up to 30% smaller and lighter than a conventional unit with the same power rating or allows a 30% power increase within the same volume. The Bio-SLIM owes these and other features to the combination of Pauwels’ transformer design skills and DuPont NOMEX thermal insulation technology. Now, to upgrade the environmental safety of its SLIM range still further, Pauwels has adopted MIDEL 7131 as the dielectric fluid, and has optimised the original design to derive maximum benefit from this coolant.

MIDEL 7131 is an environmentally safe alternative to conventional dielectric fluids. The Federal German Office for the Environment has classified it as ‘non-water-hazardous’ and it is recognised as ‘readily biodegradable’ according to OECD standards. It is the preferred dielectric fluid for transformers in environmentally sensitive locations, and is suitable for operation at high voltages (>36kV). It has been used in transformers without any reported fire incident since 1978. As a synthetic ester, MIDEL 7131 complies with IEC 61099. Pauwels SLIM and Bio-SLIM transformers both comply with the new IEC 60076-14 standard.
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