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Artificial intelligence company, Cognitive, has joined forces with RWE and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult to accelerate the commercialisation of their Wind AI technology.
Wind AI is a real-time solution that can identify performance degradation with a less than 1% error. As part of the Innovate UK-funded project, ORE Catapult conducted a traditional Power Performance Assessment (PPA) using LiDAR data provided by RWE. Wind AI was also deployed and tested by RWE on an offshore wind farm where the technology created 2.4 million machine learning models to monitor several hundred megawatts of offshore assets, using the data supplied by the instrumentation already installed on the turbines. A Catapult cost analysis verified that Wind AI could reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy and lead to an increase in annual energy production. The Catapult also concluded that Wind AI has the potential to predict component failures before they occur.
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