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NRG Systems has announced the introduction of its patent-pending NRG Systems Class 1 anemometer. The company was the first to receive classification approval from the DTU Wind Energy Department in Denmark (formally known as the RISO National Laboratory.).

The NRG Systems Class 1 is a ball-bearing version of the industry-leading NRG #40C anemometer. The new, patent-pending dual-shaft design protects the bearings from debris and common impact loads experienced in harsh climates, while supporting the same ease-of-installation and software compatibility. Based on the DTU ACCUWIND study, the NRG Systems Class 1 received a classification index of 1.01A with a standard uncertainty of approximately 0.06% at 10 m/s. According to the IEC standard, a classification index of 1.7A (A for flat terrain; B for complex terrain) equates to a standard uncertainty of 0.1 m/s (1%) at 10 m/s.
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