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EMD International has released version 2.9 of their WindPRO software package. WindPRO V2.9 includes new features to run detailed WAsP CFD calculations on a remote computer cluster directly from WindPRO, a new Performance Check module for analysis of the actual production of turbines and wind farms, an enhanced METEO module with advanced shear analyzer for creating synthesized data in other heights, new graphic flagging tools and many other new features.
WindPRO version 2.9 offers access to download global CFSR wind data sets (MCP module) and background maps from WMS map services. In connection with the release of WindPRO V2.9, EMD is also introducing a new EMD/ConWx meso-scale data set covering Europe in a 3 x 3 km and hourly temporal resolution with 15 to 20 years of data in 7 heights from 10 to 200m. Access to download time series from this high resolution data set is offered as an annual subscription.
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