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The Lightning Key Data System measures the key figures when a lightning strike hits a wind turbine. Lightning Key Data System is a new monitoring system developed by Global Lightning Protection Services A/S.
The system is designed and tested especially for the harsh environmental conditions under which a wind turbine operates. The system measures what the company defines as the four key data parameters: Peak current, specific energy, charge content and fastest rise time. Besides avoiding unnecessary and expensive inspections and downtime, the measurements gives the overview for timely and intelligent planning of service and maintenance. In addition, the system provides a fact-based and undeniable incident documentation. The Lightning Key Data System records the lightning strike in a time frame of 1.5s on each of three channels simultaneously. This ensures a measurement of the entire lightning incidence. The data recording is instantly available by the Ethernet communication and all data is also saved on an industrial grade SD card. The Lightning Key Data System is typically installed with a sensor for each blade, and the central processing unit located in the wind turbine hub. The sensor installation is able safely to withstand the high-voltages associated with lightning strikes, and it can either be designed into new projects, or implemented as retrofit in older turbines using the default sensor installation.
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