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UGE has announced the launch of the VisionAIR3, a vertical axis windturbine with a rated power of 1,000W.
 VisionAIR3 is the result of more than a year of proprietary testing and research, which allowed UGE to conceive and reimagine a new series of vertical axis wind turbines. The VisionAIR3 blades are manufactured using UGE's advanced Vacuum Infusion Process method. VisionAIR3 is designed to integrate effortlessly into UGE’s SeamlessGrid power management system which can easily incorporate solar panels for hybrid installations. SeamlessGrid includes remote monitoring and control through UGE’s ViewUGE platform as well as additional safety features. The VisionAIR3 turbine will be available both for installations which feed energy into the grid, and those that operate independently.
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