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Vestas PowerPlus features a range of new technology upgrades to optimise the performance of existing wind power plants. Vestas PowerPlus consists of three product offerings:
  • Power Uprate (V82-1.65MW, V90-1.8MW and V100-1.8MW);
  • Extended Cut Out (V90-3.0MW, V100-1.8/2.0MW); and,
  • Aerodynamic Upgrades (V82-1.65MW).
Power Uprate is a modification to the turbine control parameters that allows the wind turbines to increase their maximum power output from 1.8MW up to 2.0MW (V82: 1.65MW up to 1.8MW). The result is an increased Annual Energy Production (AEP) (generally 1.0-4.0%). Extended Cut Out is a modification of the turbine control parameters that allows turbines to capture more wind at higher speeds by extending the maximum wind speed limit from 25 m/s up to 30 m/s. The result is an increase in AEP (generally 0.5-2.0%). The Aerodynamic Upgrades are Vortex Generators, which are a cost-effective solution using small fins that optimise air flow over the blades to improve the aerodynamics and increase AEP of a wind power plant (generally up to 0.8%). Annual Energy Production increase depends on turbine type and site conditions.
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