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Nordex is extending its range of multi-megawatt turbines with the introduction of the N100, a 2.5MW wind turbine specially designed for moderate wind conditions.

The multi-megawatt turbine celebrates its debut at Husumwind and follows in the footsteps of the N80/2500 and N90/2500 kW. The prominent feature of the N100 is its 49 meter long rotor blades, resulting in a large rotor diameter of some 100 meters. At 7,823 square meters, this produces an increase of 23 percent in rotor sweep compared with the N90/2500 turbine, making the N100 particularly suitable for weak wind conditions with average wind speeds of 6.5 - 7.5 m/s. The turbine will be certified in accordance with DIBt2 and IEC 3a. It is supplied in a 50 Hz version, with a 60 Hz version also available for the US market. Pilot production is to commence in 2008, with serial production scheduled for 2009.
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