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With the OT100 family, Bachmann electronic is expanding its terminal program with entry level display and operating devices.
Despite the small dimensions, engineering companies and providers of wind energy systems also profit from Bachmann electronic's familiar configuration tools with this terminal. The range of use of the OT100 family ranges from compact machines in the manufacturing, food and packaging industry to wind power systems. The OT100 family is specified for operation in the temperature range from ?20? to +60?C and is consequently suitable for applications which have to operate reliably over a wide temperature range. The 4.2" STN blue mode display provides a resolution of 240 x 64 pixels. Combined with character coding based on UTF-8 the display of several lines of Asiatic and Cyrillic characters is thus possible. Apart from freely programmable function keys, the IP65 front panel has an alphanumeric multi-click keyboard and a separate cursor block. Customer-specific designs can be implemented upon request.
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