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Green Energy Technologies LLC has announced the launch of WindCube, a 60kW rooftop wind turbine designed for on-site power generation by commercial and industrial power users in urban and suburban locations.
The turbine is available as a single (60kW) or dual (120kW) system and in rooftop or tower-mounted design. The product is modular to satisfy a customer’s electrical requirements, and produces the same amount of energy as a traditional turbine (50 foot in diameter) in a 22x22x12-foot framework. The WindCube captures and amplifies the wind, which produces more kilowatt-hours (kWh). As the wind comes into the WindCube shroud, it becomes concentrated, creating increased velocity and in turn, more power. Because of the amplification effect, the WindCube is able to capture wind energy as low as 5 mph. The WindCube generates electricity by running its motor backwards using an impeller (the opposite of a propeller), eliminating the need for a gearbox.
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