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Wind energy products aren't usually manufactured in the same location where they will be used. During storage and in transit, this heavy-duty equipment needs safeguarding against weather damage.
Dr. Shrink's premium shrinkwrap provides complete protection from weather damage to ensure hubs, gearboxes and blades are in proper working condition when arriving at their final destination. Thoroughly waterproof, it can be sealed around entire equipment units to help prevent weather-related losses. These covers can be easily ventilated to prevent moisture condensation while zipper access doors allow entry for maintenance. Available in widths of 12' to 40' and thicknesses of 6-10mils and 12mil, it's incredibly easy to apply. Extremely durable, Dr. Shrink's 100% virgin resin shrinkwrap contains maximum UV inhibitors for long-term protection. Vapor corrosion inhibitors are also available to keep moisture from forming on metal or electrical circuits.
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