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Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) received a Type Certificate from GL Renewables Cerification (GL) for their wind turbine SHI 2.5 MW, load class IEC 2A. SHI is the first Korean turbine manufacturer to receive a full GL Type Certification for its wind turbine.

The Type Certificate confirms that the wind turbine SHI 2.5MW complies with the requirements of the GL Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines regarding design, prototype measurements and exemplary manufacturing evaluation. The certification will help Samsung to apply for any wind farm tenders worldwide. GL has previously certified the prototype of this turbine and is currently working on the certification of further variants of the same turbine. The Type Certificate was issued according to the International Standard IEC 61400-1 "Wind turbine generator systems - Part 1: Safety requirements", 2nd edition, and the "Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines", Edition 2003 with Supplement 2004, GL. Investing to expand its renewable energy business, SHI has just completed a new turbine manufacturing complex in Geoje and aims for diversifying its product scale by developing a large offshore wind turbine.
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