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The Switch has introduced its new full-power converter series. The converter is smaller in size, more rugged and fulfills the most stringent international grid codes. The new full-power converter design by The Switch features fault ride-through (FRT) capability, allowing better grid side performance.

The new converters match the most stringent grid code in the world to date. During faults, the converter stays connected to and supports the grid, even with zero-voltage ride-through capability. This results in future-proof grid compliance. The new converter design is suitable for offshore installations. The upgrades include a more rugged enclosure and a better sealing. In addition, the converter includes a built-in humidity regulation system that instantly removes any humidity from inside the cabinet. Designed to match all turbine applications ranging from 1 to 6MW, the new converter design also reduces cabinet size up to 30%. Sales of the new converter series will start early in 2012.
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