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Southwest Windpower Inc. and Advanced Technology & Research Corp. (ATR) have announced an exclusive strategic alliance to design and manufacture wind-solar hybrid systems. The combination of small wind turbines with microprocessor-controlled solar tracking technology delivers more consistent energy and represents a new chapter in small-scale on-site power generation.

The initial wind-solar offering, named Skystream Hybrid 6, uses a Skystream 3.7 wind generator, six solar panels and a GPS-controlled tracking mechanism that rotates the panels to capture the best available sunlight. The tracking mechanism delivers up to 35% more energy than fixed panels on a rooftop. The solar panels and tracker are mounted on the wind turbine’s tower, which minimizes the system’s visual impact and reduces the costs compared with separate systems. The Skystream Hybrid 6 will be available initially in the continental United States later this month, followed by worldwide rollout through Southwest Windpower’s global distribution network. The companies plan to introduce further hybrid systems for diverse customer needs.
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