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In order to conduct certified wind measurements, your sensors need to be calibrated. Therefore, besides using calibrated anemometers, you also need to verify the operation of your wind vanes. Symmetron VeriVane was designed for quick and easy testing and verification of wind vane operation.

The device is adjustable, by request, for most vane types, such as NRG #200P, Vector W200P, Young 05103 and Thies First Class. VeriVane rotates the wind vane automatically in exact steps, up to 400 (with a 0.9 degree rotation step), it measures the vane's output and records the measurements and the linearity graph, as a full Excel workbook report. The new Verivane software version (v2.1.2.2), features:
  • Wind vane verification, with dead band and maximum deviation, in degrees measured, defined by the user.
  • Self-verification, to verify the operation of VeriVane itself.
  • Full verification, i.e. calibration, by automatically calculating the dead band and Slope and Offset correction factors, along with the maximum deviation after applying the factors.
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